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I have 3 auctions up this week…

WWII COBRA - 6" Destro and Baroness set

King Leonidas

Gaslight Justice League Steampunk Joker

I have 3 big auctions up this week:

6" Historical custom of King Leonidas (not 300 version)

6" Gaslight Legion of Doom Sinestro

Set of 3 6" WWII GI Joes: Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes

Auctions end this sunday  - Mar. 21st…
3 auctions this week WWII Snake Eyes and Scarlett & Gaslight Gorilla Grodd ENDS TOMORROW 3-7-10…

I have 2 items up for auction this week, one is a brand new figure that is a redesign of Snake Eyes from GI Joe in WWII the other is my Gaslight Steampunk Black Manta.

Auctions end 2-28-10 - with Free Shipping…

I have 2 auctions this week, both are from my Gaslight Legion of Doom line.

They are Steampunk GORILLA GRODD and CAPTAIN COLD.  I am now doing FREE SHIPPING for all US addresses and the auctions end 2-21-10…

- thanks
Just 1 auction this week, but it is a great one.  The entire set of the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN (based on comics, not the movie)…

I have 2 auctions this week that end 1-31-10. 6" GI Joe Cobra FIREFLY the other is a set of the redesigned Victorian Steampunk FANTASTIC 4.…

two new auctions up on ebay one is for a brand new redesign of lion-o the other is Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III.…
I have 2 new auctions this week Wild West Wolverine (as a Native American) and Julius Caesar.  Plus I relisted to older items.…
I have 2 Ebay auctions that end today (Jan. 10 2010)
6" MacGyver & 6: GI Joe Roadblock…
I have 2 auctions this week that end on Sunday, Jan. 3 2010!

6" Magnum PI
6" C-3PO & R2-D2

I put 2 new auctions on Ebay this week
- 6" Genghis Khan
- 6" Eccleston Dr. Who

Just wanted to let people know that I am starting to sell some figures on Ebay.  I rarely sell my stuff but I need to make some room.  These are all one of kinds that I will never make again.  Up for sale this week are the following:

6" Jeffery "The Dude" Lebowski
6" Quick Kick from GI Joe
6" Chase "Talkbalk" Stein from the Runaways
7" The Punisher in Mike Mignola style

The auctions can all be seen here:…


I just updated my site with a new design, logo, and color scheme.  I also added more images.  There is a lot more stuff on it then what is on my DA page.  Feel free to let me know what you think.  

Also I will have about 25 figures coming out next week for the Summer Custom Con on Aug. 10th.  So I will be posting a ton of new work in the weeks to come.